Interval modifier not affecting large, mature deck

I was getting consistently sub-80% correct answers on mature cards in my Spanish vocabulary deck. I dropped the interval modifier from 1 to .75 a couple of weeks ago, but am still getting numbers in the mid-70s. This deck has about 12,000 cards and 98% of them are mature. I add just a few cards a week. So I suspect it will take a very long time to see any effect on this reduction in the interval modifier. Am I right, and is there anything else I can do to improve my retention?

I recommend using FSRS, which could adapt to your memory:

Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, this is all a bit technical for me. I don’t even know what FSRS stands for. I can’t tell how this works and how it will improve my retention.

If you have any suggestions for background reading, I welcome them.

FSRS is a new algorithm for Anki. It is more accurate than SM-2. It can help you to achieve the target retention. I write a Usage for it:

And FSRS4Anki helper could reschedule all your cards based on your cards’ review history. It doesn’t need a very long time to take effect.

I’ll read the docs and give it some thought. I wonder how well proven this is – how many people have been using it and for what length of time. In other words, how many bugs have yet to be discovered.

Thanks for making me aware of this though.

I have fixed 30 bugs during the past four months. I don’t know the precise number of FSRS’s users. It has 305 stars in GitHub now.

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