Anki optimal settings

My Correct answers on mature cards: usually about 80%.
For example: Today: ⁨49⁩/⁨60⁩ (⁨81.67⁩%)
I want to increase this to around 90%.
Could you please advise what settings I should change in order to optimize my study efficiency? Thank you.

Here are my settings:

You can use FSRS4Anki to optimize your study efficiency.

FSRS4Anki is A modern Anki custom scheduling based on Free Spaced Repetition Scheduler algorithm.

It consists of two main parts: scheduler and optimizer.

The scheduler is based on a variant of the DSR (Difficulty, Stability, Retrievability) model, which is used to predict memory states. The scheduler aims to achieve the requested retention for each card and each review.

The optimizer applies Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Backpropagation Through Time to estimate the stability of memory and learn the laws of memory from time-series review logs. Then, it can find the optimal retention to minimize the repetitions via the stochastic shortest path algorithm.

Here is the usage:


By the way, you can decrease the interval modifier to increase your retention with the Anki’s built-in scheduler:

On the SuperMemo website, they suggest that you can find an appropriate multiplier for a desired retention rate. Their formula boils down to:

log(desired retention%) / log(current retention%)

Imagine we have a current retention rate of 85% and we want to increase it to 90%. We’d calculate the modifier as:

log(90%) / log(85%) = 0.65

You can use Google to calculate it for you.

Reference: Deck Options - Anki Manual (

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