Take a Break [Official support]

Official support thread for my simple review postponing addon.
If you have any questions please ask bellow.
Or leave an Issue on github.

It’s my first addon so don’t be too harsh :slight_smile:

GitHub: Take a Break

Does it matter that learning cards aren’t postponed? Also, can you add a way to undo postpone?

It should postpone learning cards because they have a due date (even if its 1m). I will look at it later and check.

If you mean that you can still learn new cards while you postponed reviews, then yes, it works like that because new cards don’t have a due date.

I thought about adding a way to revert postponing. I will think about it.

I see. Yeah! The ones that did not postpone are not new, but are in the learning steps (unless those count as new, I’m not great with Anki). I have set my steps so that a card doesn’t graduate learning until I hit good on an 8 day interval because I noticed that my retention was really low for cards around the eight day mark but that were not mature. Now, I have these steps for kanji: 1m 25m 1d 4d 8d. Cards that are past the 1 day mark, but that are net yet past the 8 day mark, are not being postponed for me, only the ones that have become young or mature are.