Feature Request: postpone cards

Can delaying a card until later be implemented? As far as I can tell it is not an option right now. I use it daily in the desktop version (there are many addons that allow it), so it would be very useful. The way it works is that whenever I press a certain shortcut, the card goes back to the review pile, that’s all.


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In Anki this is called burying. Cards will be postponed till the next day.

I know about burying, but that is not what I meant. Burying would require me to go back to the deck to unbury it.

This suggestion is about a clickable button that “skips” the card (buries it and automatically unburies it), but does not postpone it to the other day.

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If you bury a card during review, and finish the deck, you can unbury all cards by just clicking “unbury them”. This will give you all cards you buried during the review session. No need to go back to the deck overview :slight_smile:


Cool, that kinda solves it, since unburying is very easy. Thanks!