Unburying works differently on Anki Desktop, AnkiWeb and iOS App

Hi there,

yesterday I did my reviews, and on one deck I have “Bury related new cards” and “Bury related reviews” enabled. Today I did not do any reviews yet, but I noticed that there is something strange going on:

  • On Anki iOS App, I see 184 due cards in that deck
  • On Anki Desktop for Mac, I see 171 due cards
  • On Anki Web, I see 169 due cards

I searched for buried cards in Anki Desktop, and it shows me 13 learned cards and 10 new cards that are buried. Given that I did not do any reviews today, I would expect to have 0 buried cards right now?
(The day switches at 4am, and I did my reviews before that and now it’s later than that.)

On Desktop, I was at v2.1.35 when I noticed it. I installed v2.1.38 but that did not unbury my cards. Also, I tried putting the computer to sleep and clicking on a deck after wake-up, but that did not change anything either. I also cleaned both databases, to no avail.

Any ideas on how I can get my cards back to life on Desktop and Web?
Also, given that I usually do my reviews on the iOS app (which properly unburied the cards), will this introduce some kind of confusion when I do my reviews and sync the buried-reviewed cards with the desktop?

Thanks for the report, I’ve deployed a change to AnkiWeb which I think should fix this moving forward. If you see it happening again after tomorrow, please let me know.

If you’d prefer not to wait to restore the cards buried more than 24 hours ago, you can search for is:buried in the browse screen and sort by the “card modified” column. Suspending+unsuspending the cards should unbury them.

So as the title explains I am strugglin with syncing between Anki mobile and desktop buried related reviews as well as buried related new cards.

If I do many cards on my mobile it does not sync the buried cards to the desktop.
Only by forcing a full sync one way from mobile makes everything up to date.

I am not using scheduler. All study options are the same between mobile and desktop.

I do use a main deck with several subdecks with different study options between them

Any help would be much appreciated

Please see the post I’ll merge this one with.

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Thank you for the quick fix!

That’s valuable information, thank you very much.

After I did my reviews on iOS yesterday, my buried reviews were of course gone on desktop, and this morning the remaining buried new cards had also become unburied on Desktop. I’ll report again if I see it once more.