Siblings get unburied on syncing with AnkiDroid

Hello! Is it a know bug that notes get unburied whenever I sync my AnkiDroid version with Anki Desktop?

I do all my daily studying on my phone, then sometimes run the desktop version to change a few things, and hey presto! instead of being done for the day I now have a fresh new pack of cards to study. Except that these turn out to be siblings that should’ve been suspended will tomorrow.

Possible scenario: you have buring checkbox checked in desktop and unchecked on your Ankidroid.

Perhaps you have different deck settings in your Ankidroid? Forcing a full sync will update any difference in the deck settings.

I just full synced from my phone to the desktop version. Looks like the unburied siblings got buried again. But the total due counter is still not zero. I checked, and seems that all of my cards in the desktop version are due a full day earlier than they are in AnkiDroid (e.g. today instead of tomorrow, hence the non-zero due counter). The plot thickens…

I just test it myself. I guess you did not unburied the cards before syncing. Cards do not retroactive bury or unbury when changing that burying setting.

So, make sure you have the burying checkbox unchecked both for new and review cards in the deck settings (hence actually 2 checkboxes). Then unbury all cards and finally force a full sync to Ankiweb. The downloading to your desktop wou would see exactly the same state of your collection.

That is for having no burying at all. If you want the opposite, to bury the cards on both desktop and ankidroid then check the boxes instead of leaving them unchecked.

To clarify: both versions had sibling burying on. Full resync just ensured they stay buried as they should (and, incidentally, helped reveal the due date problem). So, the real question is why is due date not identical even after a full sync?

Could you provide an example card for the due date issue? I’ll leave room to someone with more knowledge with recent Ankidroid builds to assist you.

Provide in which form?

This sounds like AnkiDroid’s “days elapsed” calculation does not match the desktop. The issue will likely be solved once AnkiDroid adds support for the new timezone handling:


A bit more on this problem: today I was offline during the first half of the day, reviewing cards on my phone (via AnkiDroid) and reviewed all of them for today. This was about 4 hours ago. Just a couple of minutes ago I synchronized my collection with AnkiWeb and voila! I once again got a fresh batch of cards to review. This time it absolutely did not involve the desktop version. And it looks to be a case of previously buried siblings getting unburied because of the due date shift. I’m pretty confident because prior to syncing I checked the forecast graph and saw a tall spike appear (basically, a while load of syblings) for tomorrow. Now I see it for today. Anyway, since the process did not involve the desktop client, there could’ve been no difference in deck settings, as per your original suggestion. The issue occurs at syncing with AnkiWeb.

What could be the reason for the same note’s due date to be one day off after synchronising AnkiDroid with Anki for desktop?

From the previous post:

I meant screenshots of the card info including due date etc for each device. You can also attach one card inside a deck and export it via .apkg file. Without an instance of the issue we can only speculate what is the issue.

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Sorry, it will have to wait a bit. I’ve forgotten to disable auto sync in AnkiDroid, so the collection got synced back from the server (and brought back the 1 day early scheduling). Which, however, proves that the problem occurs somewhere between AnkiDroid and AnkiWeb (since I disabled synchronization in the desktop version altogether, which means the shift in due dates occurred without it).

I can, however, post the card info as it is ATM.

Is it right that a note last reviewed on June 10 with a 10-day interval should have a due date of June 19 (instead of 20)?


And I guess in Ankidroid the same card next due date has 2020-06-20? Is thatthe missmatch you were refering to?

Yes. But, since I synced it back, I can’t show it (and neither do I know if AnkiDroid has the same nifty info window).

By the way, both clients run the experimental scheduler.

If it’s a timezone thing, which ‘rogue’ timezone are we talking about? Perhaps I might be able to compensate this by moving the ‘next day starts at’ value.

I’ve merged your other post into this one, since it’s all the same root issue.

You could try changing your “next day starts at” setting forward or back a few hours to see if it helps the next day. If it does not, you’ll need to switch back to the old scheduler until AnkiDroid implements the timezone fixes linked above.

Ahem. I looked at this setting in AnkiDroid and found it was set to 23 (!) hours past midnight. How stupid of me. No idea how that could’ve happened, but the bizarre value might’ve been the culprit. Will wait and see.