(bug) Buried cards in filtered decks not being unburied next day

I have a filtered deck with a card suspended, it shows ((filtered)) in due field. The sibling is not due today. Ankidroid does not have this card suspended

For more info, the sibling was reviewed in the same filtered deck yesterday and so it was rightfully suspended. But today I think it shouldnt

((filtered)) is a card that is not currently in the corresponding deck but on a filtered deck. There is a difference with supsended cards which have yellow highlight in the browser and have their due between parenthesis. You can filter suspended cards by is:suspended. Buried cards are suspended for just a day and you can tell which cards are buried by filtering with is:buried.

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Okay, the card is buried, not suspended. I think it should not be buried tho

I mentioned ((filtered)) because i noticed the amount of ( mean something, although i cant find what. Its not very intuitive without a legend somewhere of the meanings :grimacing:

The fact that it doesnt show a due date i think implies is dued today?? Looking at the card info, i reviewed it a couple of days ago with interval 1 day. I think it was due yesterday, but i did the sibling yesterday and was buried. But today it shouldnt

That depends on your settings. You can bury new cards as well as review cards.

In that case you don’t want this behaviour, I suggest to disable burying for review (due) cards.

I do want related cards to be buried

But i think this is a bug. It was correctly buried yesterday, but today it has no reason to remain buried

After reading how it works i think it was buried yesterday and today was never rechecked. Ankidroid correctly shows me the card for reviewing today

Originally, I was asking if i could check somewhere the reason anki buried this card to know where the bug is originated. As i said the sibling was not due today

Hmm, to only guess I have is that you have set the day cutoff far beyound midnight in desktop and not mobile, or could be a newly introduced bug. Are you using 2.1.30?

Im using Version 2.1.31 (680b5e4b). Next day starts at 4 hours past midnight

Im not sure where this bug has been introduced, but it used to work fine, and i have been having this problem for a few weeks now

I see, you are using a the first beta for 2.1.31. Try again with the last beta and if the issue persist you can report it here: Anki 2.1.31 Beta

I just tested on latest beta and reported it there, although this has been going on for at least a few versions

There are a few things wrong / inconsistent with filtered decks, but its hard for me to exactly pin point what the problem is. Finally i nailed something down i can report :slight_smile:

I can’t reproduce this. I create a new deck with a forward and reversed card, enable v2 scheduler and burying, and move them into a filtered deck. I answer one card so the other is buried, close Anki, move the clock forward a day, and open Anki, and the other card has become due. Please keep an eye on the steps you’re taking, and when you can come up with similar steps that trigger the problem, please let me know.

I let the cards without answer for today, and its still buried. Is there something in the card that i can check to see why is not being unburied?? The sibling card is due tomorrow

I even restarted the computer to see if it affected and they are still buried

Just to remind to use Anki without add-ons, holding Shift when starting Anki.

Yeah, i tested with addons disabled. Cards are is still buried

As i said, this happens fairly often for a while, but im not sure how to make it reproducible for you. Can we just investigate why this card is being buried?

Neither of those cards are buried in your AnkiWeb collection. Did you do something to them after taking the screenshot?

Yeah, im sorry, i didnt knew you could check

At the end of the day, i clicked on rebuild deck to see what would happen and they just went to the original deck

This is happening very frecuently tho. I have located another card. They show in ankidroid, but is buried en desktop. The cardid is 1493040136787 and the note id is 1493040131666. I wont touch it this time :slight_smile:

That card is not buried in your AnkiWeb collection. If you sync normally, then force a full sync on the computer and choose download, does the card appear? Which client did you review the sibling card on?

Force sync did unburied the card :slight_smile:

I have no idea which client i reviewed the card in. I might remember a card if its in the same day, but very hard for a card i reviewed a differnt day because i switch clients constantly depending on what im doing

I will try to remember next time i have this problem if its important. Other clients are able to tell it should not be buried tho


I found another card. card id: 1593987636686

Its only buried in desktop. Anki droid and ankiweb show the card

whatchu: are you careful to sync at the start and end of each session when using AnkiDroid? Have you ever noticed the computer version and AnkiDroid showing different due counts, or new comes becoming available at a different time of day? It sounds like you’ve found a bug here, but I’m wondering which steps I should take to reproduce it.

And do you use any scheduling-related add-ons?