Finding cards that were buried yesterday and are automatically unburied today

I have cards that are overdue for review. Among these, some were buried manually yesterday with intent of gathering all buried and spreading their due dates in the next five days. Unfortunately, I forgot to this when I stopped reviewing cards yesterday. This morning, those cards that were buried yesterday have all been unburied automatically and have been mixed with the unfinished reviews of yesterday as well as those that are due today.

Is there a way to fish out those cards that were buried yesterday and have been unburied automatically today?

Anki doesn’t keep a record of the burying I’m afraid. You would need to search for recently-modified cards, and exclude ones that have been answered today.

By modified, is it to be taken that burying a card modifies it and so could be filtered with edited:n

Burying a card does modify the card, but I think edited:x only looks at note modification. Searching - Anki Manual

In this discussion (2y ago), there wasn’t yet a way to search for recently edited cards, but the solution for that case was to search introduced:x, which wouldn’t help you here.

Since those cards were already overdue yesterday, have you tried looking at prop:due<-1? That will eliminate anything you have already studied, along with “the unfinished reviews of yesterday as well as those that are due today.” Then if you sort by “Card Modified” you can at least see which ones have times around when you were doing that burying. Some of them may be siblings that are already overdue, but were automatically buried yesterday, but hopefully you can sort through?

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