Bury cards from browser

I would like to be able to mass bury cards from the browser.

Fastbar- with nightmode support - AnkiWeb Comes with a toggle bury button (as a workaround for Anki not having a bury button rn)

Would you mind elaborating on your use case?

fsrs4anki algorithm really depends on the first review. While studying I create fash cards from my textbook. And if review them the same day I will pass the cards just because I saw them that day not because I already know them. So I like to bury them for the next day. You could say I could just not do them that they. But requires me having track which cards a new and created today and which are created yesterday and are new. Also I like seeing the deck screen empty no new, learnig, review cards

Thank you for elaborating; I’ve added it to the todo list.