Suspending/burying cards in the Ankiweb interface

Ankiweb is great as you might already know ))
When you for some reasons are away from your PC or mobile - especially great.
You can study on any PC or mobile with browser - or in my case on the ebook reader which I borrowed from my kids (only temporarily of course).

The only thing(s) I miss so much in Ankiweb interface, are the two small checkboxes for ‘Suspend’ and ‘Bury’ options in the ‘Edit’ page.

I believe status information (suspended/buried status) is there on the Ankiweb server, stored in users’ accounts (otherwise it couldn’t have synced this info between devices), so it shall be possible.

Can these two (small but important) options to (un)Suspend/(un)Bury cards be added to the Ankiweb’s interface?


Yes, please!

Case: There are times of the day where a user can only study via Account Login - AnkiWeb. They have listening cards with only audio on the front side. At their study location, they cannot listen to the audio.

Problem: They are forced to give a rating without having conducted an actual review. This messes up the algorithm, especially in the case of FSRS4Anki.

Have my vote as well to implement this. I think at least suspending should be considered a basic functionality and integrated into AnkiWeb, since getting rid of a card you don’t want to learn or has become a leech is very useful to mantaining motivation. Burying is less important in my opinion, bit would be good to have as well.