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Suspended Cards Become Unsuspended

Alright so I have had this issue on and off for the past year, and I believe I finally have finally worked out how to reproduce it everytime.

When studying in Anki Mobile (latest app version; iOS latest; iPhone 12 Mini) I will sometimes come to a card that I do not know today, but think the answer is on the tip of my tongue, so I bury this card. This card’s note has 4 or 5 other cards, some of which are suspended (I have suspended all cards of a specific Card Template on these notes, because I do not wish to study them at this point). The next day, I will be presented with this suspended card of the note whose sibling I buried the day before, which come up first as I do new cards first.

Since this is mainly Geography cards that I bury, it can be very frustrating. I bury the “Where is this country?” card, thinking I will remember the name of the country tomorrow. Then tomorrow I am asked “What does the flag of Sierra Leone look like?” which I know is immediately a mistake as I do not do the Country->Flag cards, and then the country name is on my mind when I review (if I have not already worked out why that bad card showed up and know the answer now).

This only happens on Anki Mobile, not on desktop.

Any other info I can give, feel free and ask.

That sounds like you’re using the “bury note” option, which will convert all cards of the note to buried cards, unsuspending them in the process. If you use the “bury card” option instead, it will only affect that single card. Recent desktop versions behave the same way by the way :slight_smile:

Yes, I am indeed using Bury Note and not Bury Card. However, this was intentional. My use case was that if I was seeing the Card A and wanting to bury it so that I could answer tomorrow, I also do no want to be shown Cards B, C, or D of that note in the meantime (in the reviews today, or the reviews tomorrow). I used Bury Card for a while and found I got this issue. Perhaps it was only with Learning cards and not Mature cards, though it still can be annoying.

Why does Bury Note unsuspend cards? If I suspend a card, it should not become unsuspended until I tell it to. Burying a Note unsuspending a card is entirely unexpected functionality from a UX perspective.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll give it some thought.

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No problem, mate :+1: