Buried note doesn’t show up again

I updated anki iOS 2.0.69 and got some problem yesterday.
When i click ‘bury card’ button, and then click ‘unbury deck’, sometimes the buried card show again but sometimes not. How to solve this? When I click ‘unbury deck’, i really need the buried card show up immediately :sob:

What does the congrats screen say? Maybe the daily limit has been reached?

The congrats screen says I can click to show the buried note, but when I click the ‘blue words’ ,the buried card doesn’t show up.

And i find out that sometimes i click ‘unburied’ button, the buried cards reprise in red area(which shows immediately). But sometimes the buried reprise in green area, and I can’t see them immediately.
And sometimes the buried card dose not show up again, even i click ‘unburied now’ at congrats page.

You’re using the old scheduler, which will remove cards from learning if you bury them. The Anki 2.1 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

So if I bury a card, will the card show up again tomorrow or not?

If the card was in relearning it is returned to the review queue. If you want to ensure it stays in learning, you’ll need to sync to the computer version of Anki, and then enable the new scheduler.