Filtered deck showing buried cards. Bug or feature?

Is this normal behavior?

And if so, how can i make buried cards not showing in filtered decks

Please provide steps to reproduce the issue with the latest release.

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Im hunting this down. Its happened several times already. The deck goes through ankidroid, so its harder to know whats happening

So far, i read that filtered decks arent supposed to go into filtered decks (i wasnt sure before). The card was correctly filtered because it was not buried, but it should. I checked and I had done the sibling the same day. All of my decks options have bury siblings. So something somewhere is unburiying these cards

But unless theres some debug info somewhere (that i dont know of) of how this card got into this state, is too late. It doesnt show on the card info

This is hard to track down because i can only start looking for it once “i feel” i have seen the sibling before today. And it doesnt happen everyday nor with every cards with siblings (if i search, there are more

Is there a way to activate a log of every anki action performed to be able to go back in time and check?

This time, i saw the unburied card on ankidroid and then synced to check in the desktop. Next time, ill try to not sync and inspect cards before its happened on the desktop to see if i can find what is unburying it

Also, maybe im missing it, but i cant find the bury button on the card to manually bury a card from the browser, it only shows while i am reviewing. Is this intentional or a bug?

This is intentional, you can’t manually bury a card unless you are reviewing that card.

Maybe, rather than dirtying your useful collection, you could create an other profile, create a note with two sibling cards, review one, check the other one is buried, create a filtered deck, …

Maybe is not a common use case, but its also kinda weird that i need to change the state of a card and i cant from the browser. The one place i can look for it

You have to created a filtered deck with just that card in order to bury. If i was new, i would had thought that you cant manually bury the card

Just a guess, but the normal use case is probably working as intended. I have a fairly complex setup with lots of decks and filtered decks. Is kinda complex to replicate in a new profile, set up sync with phone, etc…

It would be much easier for me if there was a way to log actions that anki perform to the database. Otherwise, ill try to catch it red handed next time now that i know that is not supposed to happen

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