Retrieving hidden cards from Filtered Decks

After going through a filtered deck (cramming before a quiz or exam to test my knowledge), keep seeing that there are a bunch of cards not shown to me. Pretty sure its because they have multiple close deletions but I would like to answer those too. This is specific to the AnKing medical school deck if that helps clarify possible errors. Really would like to see those the same time too, even if it is after going the initial cards.

If you adjust the original deck’s options and disable the bury related cards option in the review screen, Anki should no longer bury the siblings.

Just attempted that with a few builds. That seemed to only change the total number of cards pulled into the deck rather than show the buried cards if that makes sense. Example if there were 50 cards total including multiple clozes on the same card, now it only pulls 35 cards and does not even show the other cloze cards in the filtered deck.

Learning steps. Do you use so called per-day steps ( 1440 or more ) ?

In the main deck, I do use a step count of 1440. Again, the filtered deck I would like to use just to go though all the cards at once, as I have already been doing spaced repetition for the original deck that they are pulled from.

You’re using the old scheduler, which can not include cards that are currently in learning. You can switch to the new one, but it will reset any current learning cards: