2.1.55 siblings not being buried when reviewing ahead

Is anybody else having troubles with this? i have a filtered deck for reviewing ahead and it doesnt seem to respect siblings cards

If you can reproduce the issue in a fresh profile with the v3 scheduler, please provide the steps you’re taking.

I cant manage to reproduce it from scratch :frowning:

But it happens to me every day so i can try anything you need me to try

It happens reviewing ahead and with v3 and v2

It started happening frequently since i added a client with 2.1.55 to my review flow. My guess is that client with version 2.1.55 does something to the cards because other clients including ankidroid have the same “malfunction” after syncing once the card has been shown in the 2.1.55 client (as in after the sync, every client is showing the wrong card too when asking for a new card)

It happens both reviewing ahead and adding new cards

Heres one example from today

I reviewed today(5) card (1) with note id (3) using a filtered deck. Then increased todays new card limit (6) using custom study button. Card (2)(7) showed up. Even tho the note id (4) is the same as card already seen(1)(3)

All decks have buriying siblings and didnt happen before i started using 2.1.55 client in one of my computers

I’m afraid it’s not clear to me what the issue is at this point. The more you can do to minimize it into a small set of reproducible steps, the more likely the problem will become apparent.

I know, i just used the screenshot to show its really happening

I tried reproducing a set of steps but couldnt. It doesnt happen with every card, but its happened to me at least 3-4 times every day since i upgraded to 2.1.55

I dont have time these days for further testing, i just downgraded it and its not happening anymore

Hopefully somebody else will come along with the same problem and some reproducible steps :slight_smile:

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