Burying review siblings

I hope the images above are uploaded, but in a nutshell, every time I open my anki to start the day, I see there are a lot of buried review siblings. Great for me, because I have to do a lot of cards and I like dispersing my cards out. The problem is when I go back to decks and then return to the study now page of my deck, it adds on a bunch of the cards that should’ve been buried. For example today, I started with 405 reviews, and then it decided to be 485. How can I fix this?

What actions are you taking between looking at the overview, and exiting out of it and returning to it? The queues are not rebuilt when just going to the deck list and going back, so I’d only expect things to change if some other action had changed your collection between the two times.

I promise you, nothing lol. I exit the deck page, come back, and it’s more. Not to mention, sometimes, I know this will happen so I will not leave and try to do all my cards without exiting. Then at some random card, it will add a bunch of extra buried siblings. It’s really frustrating especially when I’m always pressed for time.

Can you reproduce it when you start Anki with all add-ons disabled?

How would add-ons affect my scheduler? I need the ankihub add on because it constantly updates cards.

Presumably it can cope with you temporarily turning it off to confirm whether an add-on is an issue or not. If you use other add-ons, you could try disabling them first.

Hm ok, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow since I have already started today. I’ll give an update

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