How to temporarily skip card without burying it?

Hello Anki Lovers!

Is there a way to temporarily skip a card without burying it? The point of this is to do quicker cards first and do the timely cards later at the end of the deck, rather than burying and postponing the card(s) until tomorrow. Again, I would just like to skip a card, put it at the end of the deck, and go through the other cards first. It would be helpful if this could work on any deck type, including filtered decks. Additionally, it would be great if I could do this on Anki Desktop, but if there’s an add-on for Anki-Droid, that would be useful too.

Thank you everyone! Happy studying!


Advanced Review Bottom Bar has a function to add a skip button.

Another option: manually bury them, and then unbury them for study at the end of your session.


The add-on is very helpful! Thank you so much Shigeyuki! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

It’s not a bad idea, plus it would force me to do all of the cards, rather than putting them off. I’ll do this as well. Thank you so much Danika_Dakika!

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