Postpone cards ruined my intervals

So I downloaded an app that allowed you to postpone cards for a few days. I started messing around with adding and subtracting days because I noticed it was changing the number of review cards I have.

Then I noticed the intervals became 3 months, etc. when they shouldn’t have been. I frantically added and subtracted more cards and now my intervals are literally in the years…

I was making good progress with my deck and really need to fix this. Does anybody know how to get the correct intervals back, or why the intervals changed when I postponed cards?

My Anki mobile is still good because I haven’t synced it - granted there are just 600+ reviews. Is there a way to override Anki mobile to Anki on my laptop?


You can either try to load from a backup on your computer before you started messing with things, or enable force sync on your Anki mobile and download the changes to your desktop Anki.

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Comment from the add-on author

… that add-on totally defeats anki’s main purpose. Anki is able to deal with cards being late and adapt the new intervals to it. But you should still revew all cards as soon as possible before forgetting them. So the use of this add-on is not to be encouraged. It’s only good if it helps you not to quit Anki. It’s a last resort and something that should be used regularly.
Which makes me, the add-on creator, quite sad that it has been downloaded seven thousand times.

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I was able to use a back up, thank you!

I used the add on for vacation for a couple days. I didn’t use it to change the number of review cards, I was experimenting with it because I didn’t understand what was happening or why the intervals were changing.

I can only recommend not using the add-on ever. In the state it is in, it can be very harmful - even when used as intended. There are better strategies to cope with backlog. Best would be if Anki’s algorithm was a bit better and supported under/overdue reviews properly - that, together with priorities, would enable an option to automatically postpone cards to the next day to load balance in a flexible manner.