Intervals messed up

I’ve noticed that when pressing good (3), some cards get an interval of 2 days while other cards get 3 days, and some even get 4 days even though everything else is the same (lapses,reviews,ease).
This is happening to cards I unsuspended the day before, did the first learning step (1 day).
I’ve tried disabling all of the add-ons but to no avail.
Here are my settings
Learning steps : 25m 1d
Graduating interval : 3 days
Easy interval : 4 days

(I also noticed that when opening anki, I get a set of due cards, let’s say 400 or so, but after doing a couple of cards and syncing, the number of cards increase for some reason, could this be related to the issue above or is it due to add ons?)

This is explained by the fuzz factor: Studying - Anki Manual

Maybe related:

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Thanks Abdo

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