Time intervals the same on 2nd day reviewing

I have not changed any of my settings, but now suddenly I am having issues with my time intervals for review cards. On day 1 with new cards, the time intervals will be <10min, 1d, 1d, and easy will be anywhere between 3-5days. Previously easy was always 4 days, but now it changes depending on the card, despite them being in the same deck with the same settings. The next day when I go back to review the cards, the intervals are still the same. This is causing me to see every new card for 3 days straight, which is too often with the amount of cards I need to get through

What I’m seeing day 1 & day 2:

Here are my settings:

I am using the most up to date version, V3. I have used “check database” and restarted both anki and my mac. Help appreciated.

You’ve set second learning steps as 1d and then graduating interval as 1. This will give you card 3 days in a row with “Good” answers. If you want different behavior change your settings.


If you are concerned because 4 days sometimes turns into 3 days or 5 days, this is expected behavior. It is due to the fuzz factor, as explained in the user guide.


Thank you! I appreciate your help

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