Interview Request - Damien and or Others

Dear Readers,

This message is mostly aimed at Damien but feel free to bump in, any input is welcome.
Im a first year student in Amsterdam(Artificial Intelligence).
My project group is tasked to talk to experts in the field.
Our project is about making applications that help students learn.

Since i love Anki i figured i would definitely add a flashcard app. And ask you to be the first expert.

So if you dont mind i have a couple questions for you:

  • How did you come up with the idea?
  • What type of algorithms do you use to create spaced repetition?
  • Whats programs did you use to develop it?
  • Do you think carddecks can be generated by an AI without user input?
  • How difficult is the storage of data, do you think it can work on a university website?

Also we need to make a 90 seconds video, figured it would be cool if we have footage of each expert saying like 1 or 2 lines. Would you be willing to answer these questions live, like on a voicecall or even videocall so i can add like 5-10 seconds of you to the video?

Great thanks for the many work you’ve already done, hope you can help my group! And regardless i will definitely try to promote Anki to my colleagues, cause they are missing out. I already learned 2 languages hahaha. Thanks again!

Kind regards,
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
The Netherlands

A bit busy I’m afraid, but thank you for the kind words, and I wish you all the best with your project.

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