Looking for suggetsions: I am making an AI app that turns Anki cards into songs

Hey everyone! I’m a uni student working on an app idea for Anki, and I’d love to get your feedback:) the app converts Anki decks into songs using your study material as the lyrics. Imagine memorizing your notes by simply listening to them set to your favorite tunes—whether you’re relaxing on the couch or commuting.

not making this app for $ thou, but about creating a app to help those who struggle to stay motivated (just like me!). I’m currently looking for some motivation and support to keep this project moving forward. lmk if you are interested!


Great Idea. The speed (at which lyrics move) would be the critical aspect. Too slow and it’s a waste of time. Too fast and you will get lost. I am a visual learner though and if you also create something that can generate visual cues/mnemonics please let me know.

Also how accurate are the lyrics? What I see is pretty accurate and also mildly funny. Thanks for the good work!

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