Anki Research Paper

Hey everyone I work for a American University and I am trying to write an academic research paper involving anki! I love Anki and have used for 3-4 years now. I used it a lot for language learning, university studies, and now learning things in my professional work. I am going to start a university research paper centered around using LLM to generate Anki cards in a few weeks. If you have any suggestions or idea on what features would be good for something like this it could help me with the research paper. I plan to make whatever I build open source so hopefully others can use it, work on it, or use it to help them build something better to empower us to build more anki cards faster. My main motivation by this is that I am a software engineer by trade but currently involved with a university in research, I am very busy and making anki cards can sometimes be tedious. If I could reliably generate anki cards using text i’m reading with an LLM I could greatly accelerate my learning. Feedback is much appreciated.



I just wanted to share that I have been trying to use LLM’s for flashcards for Anki for a little while. I’ve made a little robot to help on ChatGPT uploading the manual. I’ve had mixed success especially in terms of verification of my spanish flashcards but yes this is an awesome idea. I have an Anki deck which I have been working on I could share which has some generated cards directly from a reading and I also have generated images to good success. Let me know if you’d like to see my cards or any other discussion!

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