Anki Languages MegaDecks

Hi everyone,

This post is adressed to the language learning community using Anki for learning vocab, verbs and other stuff about their target language.

First, I would like to say that even though there are literally thousands of Anki decks in dozens of languages, I feel like it is mostly a big mess where it is difficult to find a suitable deck for each.

Here is an idea that came to me in the past few weeks, which I think could be a really cool project that would, in my opinion, really help the newcomers as well as the most advanced in language learning.

-An enormous deck should be created for each language

-Lots of Tags, so you can study what actually IS relevant to you

-Vocab, verb and sentences subdecks (because all three are equally important)

Basically, comment on this post what should be in these decks or if you want to participate, because we will definitely need lots of people to create these, but think of it as an investment in your future polyglot self. Imagine having this kind of free resource, which would give you a massive understanding and formation from A1 to C2.


Let’s chat about it in the comments, I want to hear your opinions