Brainstorming a way to find people to help me

So, I know this isn’t the place right place, but I want to brainstorm a way to find more people to help me with my problem. Since I discovered Anki I started to create a big deck to help me train and get fluent in other languages for free, but I have been doing this since the beginning of 2021, and I’m far from over because I have ADHD which doesn’t help much.

Most of the time I procrastinate, but I gathered 10000 words (which is a big accomplishment) for each language that I want to learn, and translating and gathering information about each word for each card is too much to do it alone. I come up with some plans to divide the work.

My plan is to give each one a letter from the alphabet and give all the cards that start with that letter. After finishing everything, they would export back the deck to me, which will overlap the cards that I have that are blank. I even tried to ask my only left friend, and he is the only one that I have had since high school ended, and he doesn’t want to help me.

This year I want to do differently and I really, really want to finish this to focus on other things. I speak Brazilian Portuguese, and I am Brazilian, of course, so this is why here is not the right place, but I am desperate and I need some thoughts. So I decided to disclose that I am in need of help in all my social media, and even I created a server on discord, but I am a low-profile and running low on ideas.

So what should I do to go to the right place to find people that use Anki, and are interested to learn another language? Or at least a way to get other people’s attention to my server on discord. I already put my server on that site, you look for other servers. I already tried Reddit. Any ideas?

Don’t lose your time creating thousands of cards, just start studying and add a few cards everyday.
Don’t lose your time learning single words, learn sentences instead.
Finally, Anki is a great tool, but if you really want to be fluent in any language you will need to combine it with other activities, like reading, or, if you have the opportunity, practicing the language you’re studying with a native speaker.

Hello. That is an ambitious project. I think that if you modify your approach you will be able to do the work by yourself.

If you know how to created decks, add a number of notes for each language, for example something between 20 and 100. Then begin studying. You will be able to create enough notes so that you always have a “supply” of new cards to study. That’s the important point, because it’s no difference whether you have +3 days worth of new cards waiting or +30 days.

Do you know how to use a spreadsheet along with a text editor to import the notes. I used to know but forgot. I used to do this with a previous version of Anki. If you know how to do that, you can mass import notes and that will allow you to create 100 or so notes at a time no problem.

As I remember from when I created my own decks for German and Spanish, there was a process to do this that didn’t involve manually creating each note and card. I suggest you learn how to do that if you don’t already know. Then, like I mentioned, don’t try to create all the notes at once before studying.

I don’t know whether or not that will be helpful.

I am not wasting my time. I already created enough cards and I don’t intend to add more because I have everything to get fluent. Furthermore, I want to get fluent, and you don’t get that by studying a few cards or a few words. Yes, Anki is a great learning tool because it is free, you don’t need to pay a native speaker to learn something. And even to form phrases you need to know the words and their context because if you just go around “trying” to read things without knowing why this article goes here or these prepositions go there you’re not really learning. Even speaking or writing is something you need to practice because if you don’t the language you’re trying to learn is not your native language, you’re going start to forget words and decrease your vocabulary. Not everyone can just go around paying for a teacher or fancy course, and what I am doing is free, and it’s not unreachable.