Any Anki consultants or coaches for hire?

Are there any Anki consultants out there who would be willing to have a few paid Zoom sessions?

I have quite a few questions and would love to have someone more versed in Anki’s workings to monitor progress with me after a few weeks or months.

What are you looking for help with? How to organize your cards or set up your deck or notes? I’m not an Anki consultant but I’ve definitely helped others with their setup and stuff before. Send me a pm and we can chat.

Hi David, thanks so much for your reply. Setting up I am OK with - more trying to understand the analytics side of things, and how I could use that to improve my learning efficiency.

Would love to chat if you’re available, but I couldn’t find a away to DM you from your profile :confused: My email is in case we could do it that way.