Anyone willing to do a bit of consulting?

Is there anyone out there who’s very familiar with Anki and would be willing to do a couple of paid Zoom sessions? I have some questions regarding:

• How to best organise my deck into suitable questions, as it’s a bit unwieldy currently.
• Which deck types would be suitable given my study needs.
• Settings and study options

Thanks, it would be great to chat with someone more versed in Anki about these things. Please reply if you’d be open to a couple of paid sessions!

Individual paid Anki sessions are serviced by the medical group Anking. They work with medical students, but they are very knowledgeable and experienced in how to set up Anki. (They are not official Anki, and nothing to do with me.)

  • AnkingVip
    • Unlimited email support (GOLD TIER $15/mo)
    • Priority & unlimited support (PLATINUM TIER $20/mo)
  • ONE-ON-ONE TUTORING ($60 per 30-minute session)

Otherwise, I think it would be more helpful to ask each question separately. I don’t know how to verbally explain how to set up Anki in like Zoom.

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I think you will find videos on YouTube about your quire. If not, you can post here, this forum has incredibly supportive and experienced people including the creator of Anki himself

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Thank you all!

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