I Need an Anki Tutor to Help Me Tweak my Anki Cards to Do What I Need Them to Do

I have had Anki on my computer’s desktop for quite some time but I rarely use it because the cards are not formatted the way that I need them to be formatted. And, I believe that I need a tutor to help me format my Anki cards the way that I need them to be formatted. (I have sent three requests to AnKing for a tutor but I have not received any replies.)

Hey Carl,
What are you learning with your flashcards?
Our team at Speakada can help with some suggestions, but we tend to focus on Anki flashcards for language learning. If you’re learning languages with Anki, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.
Speakada Team

Mark, thanks for your reply. I am learning the Korean language and I would like to use Anki to help me learn the language. Currently, I have a Korean word on one side of a card and the English translation on the other side and I also have a sample sentence, but the cards aren’t working together. I would like to have a Korean word on one side of a card and the translation on the other side of the card with example sentences immediately following. Maybe if I work with a tutor who really knows the ins and outs of Anki, he/she can help me set my cards up to where I really like the set-up and can really be productive. Thanks again for your reply and I look forward to your next reply.

I suggest trying first the Anki Language Learning Reddit. Search for it in Google or Reddit. Post your question there. I’m in there too, along with other language learners who have asked similar questions to yours. The reason I’m suggesting to post there is so that other Anki language learners can also benefit from the answer.

Be sure to share some screenshots so we understand.

Let’s try to get your problems and questions answered there first. If you’re still having issues, then let me know in that community, and we’ll try to figure something else out, like a video walkthrough or live conversation to help you directly. I’m Speakada in that community. Cheers

Speakada, thanks again for your reply. What I am really looking for is someone who can help me tweak my Anki cards and I think that I will wait until I can find someone with whom I can connect to help me. Thanks again for your replies and I wish you the very best.

If you want to get personal priority support from Anking, like a tutor, I think you need to join a subscription for $20/month. (PLATINUM TIER
Priority & unlimited support in answering any questions $20/mo)

Shigeyuki, thanks for your reply, but it looks like Anking is only for med students. I have sent three requests to Anking asking about a tutor, and there were no replies to any of them.

Anking and Ankihub have tens of thousands of registered users, so I don’t think they can reply to individual emails.
Anking is the only one that offers a tutor-like service.

In Anki, it is common to use pre-made shared decks.
There are free decks, paid decks, and services to make decks for a fee. (Not official).

If you want to create your own deck, you need to know how to operate Anki and basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.
In Anki, it is common to learn these on your own using AnkiManual, youtube, blogs, etc.
Clarify your problem and post your question on this AnkiForums or Anki on Reddit and you will get a solution.

Shigeyuki, thanks again for your replies. I want to create my own deck(s), but I know nothing about HTML or CSS. I have checked out the AnkiManual and YouTube. I’ll try Anki on Reddit.

If you already know how you want your cards to look, and just don’t know how to achieve it: Then you can also try the likes of ChatGPT and Bing AI, but it can involve some trial and error.

The main concept you should learn about is card templates.

Also see whether you can achieve your format using simple cloze deletion, it is remarkably versatile.

If the card template you need is very simple, you do not need to know HTML and CSS. You can create it with just the basic features of Anki.
If, however, you are looking for an advanced design, you will need it.
When your tutor teaches you the proper code, if you do not know the basics, you cannot use that code.
In this case, you need to be taught the basics of HTML, or you need to have a finished deck created, not by a tutor.

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