New on Anki, struggling to learn it, need help

Hi everyone,
I got the app, but struggling to use it. Any help will be welcomed.

Hi, could you specify what you need help with? Card creation perhaps?

Hi, thank you for responding.
I have a completely empty deck and have no idea where to start.
I am learning French. And really would like to focus on the language rather than gaining new pc skills. So do you think you still can help me?

using anki doesn’t need any pc skill. simply add your cards and start reviewing. that’s all you need to do.
try not to mess with things that you don’t understand, and you’ll be ok.

you can also read the manual to understand how it works, it teaches you the simplest things like creating a card and goes as deep as talking about the algorithm and telling you how exactly it works.
it’s a reliable source to learn anki.

you can either read all of it or try using anki and read that when you have problems understanding some part of anki (that’s what I did).
it’s well organized, and you also can search your keyword there. so it’s easy to find what you want.

at last, if you didn’t understand something and didn’t find your answer there or didn’t understand it, you can ask your question here.

I suggest you just use it, it’s not as hard as some people say it is.

That is the thing that I spent some time trying to create cards, but was completely unsuccessful. The menu is absolutely user unfriendly. It does give many options. I couldn’t create even one card! And I don’t think I am stupid. I did read the manual. It doesn’t help at all. I need step by step guidance. Normally I pick up new systems straight away while using it. But with Anki it is absolutely unfriendly system, so unless I see a step by step guidance I don’t think I want to spend another hour. Would you be able to send me a link to the manual. Maybe we are referring to different documents? Thanks


also check out this youtube channel:

if none of those worked for you, I’ll be more than happy to help you :slight_smile:

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Thank you my friend! I think I can definitely use some help :blush:. I am already feeling more positive. Thanks. Which language are you learning?

No, I haven’t seen this manual. I will have to read it first then.

I don’t really use it for learning languages.
have a deck for english words (don’t use it all that much)
I have an exam, that’s what I’m using anki for.

Hi, Zhamal is here again. I managed to open/add a card, but how to fill in the back of it and save it for later? And how to use space repetition technique on Anki? As far as I understand, the whole idea is to come back to the created flash cards in a set period of time repeatedly and that is what enforces retention of the knowledge. I don’t like the manual, it is written in a very technical language. I need something that would tell me exactly what to do. I feel really stupid…

Btw, what is your name? And I couldn’t find the YouTube video you sent me link for. The exact video where medical students spent first 6 months struggling with Anki. Thanks

when you’re adding cards, if you don’t have any add-on installed, this should be what you see:

in this window, click on the button in front of Type and select Basic after that, you’ll have 2 fields (front and back)

you can type your question in Front Field and answer to that question in Back Field

when you do that, when reviewing, Anki will show you the text which you put in Front Field
and after you press Show Answer button in review screen, it’ll show you the text which you put in Back Field.

to start studying, click on the name of the deck and then click on Study Now Button.

when reviewing, answer the question anki shows you (the text you put in Front when adding cards) the press Show Answer.
then anki will show you 4 buttons (3 if you use old scheduler) which are Again, Hard, Good, and Easy.
press the button based on your performance on that card.

Anki handles Spaced Repetition System (SRS) and you don’t need to worry about scheduling

I’m Muhammad

that’s not a video, that’s a channel.
they have videos explaining different things you might be interested in

Thank you, Muhammad, that is great help. My screen looks slightly different on the app. But I think it will be much easier now :blush:
Question: how to add some kind of image or something like that for better retention of the word?
God bless you!

then I press Add

here’s my main screen (shows a list of my decks). I click on the deck name (Test)

This is the screen that anki shows when I click on deck name (it’s called deck overview) I press Study Now here:

Here’s how that card looks in review screen:

and this is my review screen when I press Show Answer

after this, I press one of the 4 buttons, and then anki schedules it for some time in future.

just to make sure, you’re using the desktop version?
I really suggest using a pc to create cards (it’s a pain -though possible- to create cards on mobile)
the options are the same on different platforms tho (more or less)

Can you believe, I created a card earlier and now somehow I deleted it!
I am hating this whole process

I’m really sorry to hear that :frowning:
it took me like 2 weeks to learn using it (had no help but the manual)
wanted to give up on it cuz i thought it’s not worth spending some extra time to learn using it just to be able to study (was thinking I can spend those hours on actual studying)

I promise when you get the hang of it, you’ll love it. it saves you much more time than you spend on learning it. think of it as an investment

also check this page out:
you can use shared decks if you want, you don’t need to create any card. just study

Also, it shows all the answers on the back of the cards in the list of the words, which isn’t helpful. What is the point of using cards if I know in advance the answer on the back? When I create a real paper card, I write a word on one side and the answer on the back, then I need to try to remember what the answer is. Otherwise it isn’t going to work