My decks say I've completed the deck today but I want to use it again

I have created several ankiweb decks and I love them all. But if I type Good or Easy, it takes the word so I don’t get it again, and after a while, there’s an error message that says, “Congratulations. You’ve completed this deck today.” I won’t remember all the words tomorrow or the next day, but I never can get back into the deck to review my words.

Does anyone else have this problem? Has anyone solved it?

Many thanks so everyone who writes me back.

For new words you can change the learning intervals in the deck options (:gear: → Options) if you want to see the card a few times before it ‘graduates’. A suggested set of intervals might be “10 30 120” which would show you the cards after 10 minutes, then 30 minutes, and finally 120 minutes if you’re getting it right, after which it will graduate and you’ll next see it tomorrow.

To study cards outside of their regular intervals you can also use a filtered deck.


Thank you for your quick reply, Apetited. I went to the Settings gear, and there is no “Options” under that.

Also, do you know if I can make my decks filtered decks? Or do I need to use Filtered Deck when I start a new deck?

Where did you find that gear icon? On Anki Desktop, it should be located next to each deck on the main window (deck overview).

Yes, you can. Click a deck to get to the deck’s overview page. Then, the following three buttons are shown at the bottom of the screen:

Click custom study to set up a filtered deck (Filtered Decks - Anki Manual).
You can also access the deck options from here.

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Thanks, kleinerpirat, for responding. The Settings gear is not on my Anki Desktop. Is the Anki Desktop

Also, those three buttons you show so nicely are not on the deck’s overview page.

AnkiWeb is meant to be used to review decks from the browser, but it lacks most features required for deck creation/management.

To create filtered decks and edit deck options, you’ll need to download the desktop application from :v:

Thanks very much, kleinerpirat. I got Anki Desktop installed in both my desktop computer and my motorola android phone. The computer app doesn’t show all my decks, only some of them. The android phone shows I have 0 decks.

Do you have any more ideas what I can do now?

Did you already sign in with your AnkiWeb account and sync?

Same goes for the desktop version, but I guess you already logged in there, since it shows some of your decks…

Yes, I did sync, and I hope I did it right. I still can’t get my decks in my phone. I installed Anki App Desktop in my android phone. I’m trying to export my files from my computer anki app to my android anki app, but can’t find out how to do that.

You surely mean AnkiDroid, the (semi-)official Android port for Anki?

I suppose it will automatically show a login prompt once you try to refresh the decks (click the “reload” icon on the top right or swipe down like you’d refresh a mobile browser), but here’s how to do it manually:

Bring up the sidebar by either clicking on the sandwich menu symbol on the top left or swiping from the left edge of the screen, then go to Settings → General Settings and set your AnkiWeb account there.

All my decks have reappeared. Some of them, but not as many as before, I can view. There are still some that show I have finished the deck “for now.” I want to be able to view all my decks, whenever I want to.

Also AnkiDroid is installed on my android phone, and it shows zero decks. AnkiApp on the android doesn’t show much. AnkiWeb on the cell phone, going in through Google Chrome, shows all my decks.

This is intentional. Anki is spaced repetition software. It will only show you the cards when a certain time interval has passed, which is specific to each card based on the ratings you gave it before.

Perhaps this topic will be of interest to you:

What exactly do you mean by “doesn’t show much”? I guess you ran across one of the fake versions: AnkiApp is not part of the Anki ecosystem - Frequently Asked Questions

I’m curious, what has led you to try out Anki? It is certainly one of the, if not the most sophisticated spaced repetition tools out there, but its learning curve is significant, and you’re missing quite a few basic concepts still. If you really want to learn Anki, I highly recommend reading the official manual: Getting Started - Anki Manual


Also, check out this article from the FAQ: Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions.


My Spanish tutor recommended AnkiWeb to me. He is Mexican, and I pay
him to help me. He lives in Mexico. I have a tutoring session with him
tomorrow, December 28, and will ask him how much he really understands Anki.

I was advised by somebody in the Anki forum to download AnkiApp, and I
did so on both my pc and my android phone. I already have AnkiDroid on
my android phone, but it says it’s empty; there are no decks in it at all.


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Both AnkiWeb in my PC and AnkiDroid in my android phone now have all my decks. But most of my decks say “finished for now.” When will I be able to view the decks again?

I’m trying to start a New Topic, and that option is not showing up right now. Earlier today it said I had to wait 4 more hours to start a new topic, but last night it said to wait 12 hours. I’ve waited.

I want to use the button that says Custom Study, but these three buttons never show up when I click on a Deck. When I click on a Deck, it just shows the flash cards, and those three buttons are not at the bottom of the Deck. I can’t get a Deck overview page. I don’t know what a Deck overview page is. When I click on the blank Search button, all the cards in that deck are listed in a list, but those buttons aren’t there, either. Is that the Deck overview page?

I wrote before: Also, do you know if I can make my decks filtered decks?

kleinerpirat wrote:

Yes, you can. Click a deck to get to the deck’s overview page. Then, the following three buttons are shown at the bottom of the screen:

Click custom study to set up a filtered deck (Filtered Decks - Anki Manual).
You can also access the deck options from here.

Yes, this is normal for new users, because sometimes people struggle with Anki a first and, instead of reading the manual, they go directly to the forum to seek for help. It should be avoided, because the answer has already been provided (in the manual), because this way new users don’t learn how to find resources by themselves, and are bound to a forum thread to get help, and because people who answer have a finite amount of time to spend helping other people, so it would be better spent giving answers that are not already provided by the manual.

Reading this thread, I would have a few suggestions to give you before you proceed, to be most efficient in helping you.

  1. Ensure you are using an official app. These include AnkiDesktop (for your computer), AnkiWeb (accessible through a browser), AnkiDroid (for your android phone/tablet) and AnkiMobile (for an Apple phone/tablet). If you are using AnkiApp, be aware that its authors are independent from Anki, so we won’t be able to answer questions about their app and it won’t sync with the rest of the Anki ecosystem.
  2. Read the manual. Not necessarily everything. Not necessarily in detail. Enough for you to be able, if you encounter an issue, to remember whether the topic was present in the manual or not.
    If it is, it’s your lucky day because you might be able to solve your issue in less than fifteen minutes (much faster than asking on a forum).

This being said, according to this manual entry, when you are studying, you can access the deck’s overview page by pressing s. If you cannot study because you have finished your daily learning for a deck, you should already be in the deck’s overview page (this is where the message is shown).

It depends on what you mean by “view the decks”. Keep in mind that you can always browse all your notes, which is not the same thing as studying. You will be able to study again tomorrow. Anki works on a daily basis, so once you have finished your daily work, you will have to wait until tomorrow (or tweak Anki to review cards beforehand).


I read the manual, and it refers to the Tools menu. I don’t have a Tools menu. Also it refers to three buttons at the bottom of the screen, one of which is Custom Schedule. I don’t have those buttons. Can anyone please provide me with ways to get Tools and Custom Schedule?

A screenshot of your whole user interface would be very helpful.

Here’s a screen shot. Yesterday, Ankidroid on my android phone showed all these decks exactly as they appear here at But today again, ankidroid is empty.

Can you see this image?