Include a pre-made deck with explanations of settings, terms (sibling, leech, etc.) and shortcuts

In order to make Anki easier to understand for beginners, a pre-made deck that comes with Anki itself (in the installation file) would be handy. It would have cards with the following info:

  1. Explanations of terms such as “leech”, “siblings”, “cloze”, note vs card, etc.
  2. Explanations of different deck settings and perhaps some other stuff, like what you can find in “Tools”
  3. Keyboard shortcuts
  4. (optional) a little bit of theory behind forgetting curves and some good spaced repetition practices, such as the 20 rules of knowledge formulation by Wozniak

This way, users can use Anki to learn about Anki!


I agree, what a better way to learn all of Anki’s details than studying using the very technique it was designed for?


Anki is designed for remembering, not for learning. I don’t think such a deck is a great idea - it would be really hard to translate into other languages, and what is worth memorising vs not memorising will vary from person to person.


But need to find another solution how to learn about Anki.
I’ve been on Anki for three years now, and I still haven’t learned about all the options

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Anki manual is your friend.
Also, there are currently multiple YouTube videos, that explain Anki setup.

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I am interested in these Anki learning decks so I am thinking of making one personally. If I were to create collaborative shared decks, I should be able to refer to Ultimate-Geography for multi-language support. Or use AnkiCollab.

But basically, almost all of Anki’s problems can be solved this way.

A simple spell but quite unbreakable

So there is no need to learn Anki’s settings, terms, and shortcut keys in the first place.

(It would be a real waste of time if the student’s learning time is reduced by cards to learn Anki. Shortcut keys that are not used at all will probably also be difficult to memorize, “Do not learn what you do not understand”.)

So if I create such a shared deck, it will probably be for Anki geeks, not for beginners. (I think video tutorials would be appropriate for beginners.) But it might be possible to classify the cards by level with tags.