Using Anki to learn a language

Hi, I’m using Anki to learn a language. I’d like to know if what Im doing is the right way. So, for exemple, I have the words “clothes” and “food” in the same sentence. I copy the card and put one copy in my “food” category, and the other copy in the “clothes” category. this, because I would like this card to pop up when I’m learning these 2 categories.
Is there a better way to do this ?
What tips can you please give about using anki for vocabulary and sentences.

In most cases, duplicating cards is neither necessary nor recommended.If you want to categorize your cards the way you describe, use tags instead.

I would also recommend learning vocabulary in context, by studying phrases instead of single words, which is, IMO, pointless if you want to study languages effectively.


Thanks. Of course, it’s better to learn words in a context. But this is not always possible, when you start a language, you cannot make sentences yet.

How do you organise your data in Anki ? do you create different decks : vocab, grammar, etc ?

I personally don’t organize my language cards. When I find an interesting word or expression, I simply add a card using that word / expression. When I don’t have new material to add, I copy phrases from newspapers / books / other sources .