DCR : ability to search decks in a specific language

Hi there,

I love your app : I saw some demos last year (I started a second carreer as a math teacher in high school after 25 years engineer in software :-)) and I decided to start using it for my young students.
In order to motivate colleagues to use such a great tool, we need to have a way to reuse decks.
Today, we have no way to filter by language. I see some decks in the category “french” or “maths” but I can’t choose all the decks related to maths only in French (I’m living in France).
Most teachers in most areas are not geek enough to redo from scratch some decks, while having an easy way to search decks in their own language could really motivate them (and motive the geeks among them - like me - to motivate them to use Anki)
Thanks a lot in advance,