Anki addon developer for hire

Hi, i’m the developer of AnkiReview (an AnkiDroid add-on), I wrote Anki Quake 3, and I’m currently the maintainer for AwesomeTTS. I also wrote a Google Sheets Chinese Pinyin add-on.

If anyone is looking for a developer for paid work on the Anki ecosystem, whether it is:

  • Adding functionality in the form of a new Addon.
  • Fixing a bug in an existing open-source Addon.
  • Maybe even just consulting on how to accomplish something within Anki.

I’d like to offer my services. Please get in touch with me here and we can discuss your idea.


Hello, I am looking for an add-on developer: Paid Add-on Developer

Hi Luc, I’m looking for help in modifying an Anki-add on. I emailed you to awesometts at airpost dot net with more details. Please let me know if my email didn’t come through. Rob

I’m looking for an Anki add on developer if possible as well. What’s the best way to get in touch?


Hi, I’m looking for a developper to hire. How can we get in touch? Thanks. Elie

hi everyone, i’ve recently had my hands full with AwesomeTTS and other projects so I won’t be taking on other development work.

I’m offering a batch custom flashcard creation service, for instance, creating a batch of flashcards for Chinese/English words/phases to learn them, or any custom flashcards.

Anyone need it, please get in touch with hanlray

Hey, do you still offer your service as an add-on developer ?
If yes i hope we can get in touch.

Hey do you you still offer the service? I would love to modify existing add-on and create a new one.
I would greatly appreciate your reply

Hi lucw, are you currently available to discuss another potential project? In short, we’re looking to create an addon that can automatically pull user data and place it into a central repository for statistical analysis.

Please let me know the best way to get in touch if this is something you’d be interested in discussing further.