Anki Quick AI [Official Thread]

Hello, Anki community!

I am excited to introduce my newly developed addon: Anki Quick AI, a powerful tool designed to enhance your Anki experience by enabling seamless interaction with OpenAI.

Here is one example video.

The function of this addon is to gather card information with Anki browse query, and then send this information included in your customized prompts and get the response from OpenAI. I also support speech generation for the response.
The idea is that if we want OpenAI to generate something based on what we have learned in Anki, the card information may vary every day but the prompts may remain the same.
So “quick” means to configure prompts once, and then get responses from OpenAI with one click later.

Please feel free to provide feedback, suggestions, and report any issues you encounter. Your input is valuable in helping me refine and enhance the addon further.
I may be continuously working on improving and expanding the capabilities of this AI Addon. But as a Ph.D. student, I can only develop this in my spare time.
I have no prior experience in developing Anki plugins, and this is my first plugin. It may be buggy and there may be aspects that might not meet your expectations. I would be grateful for your understanding and forgiveness. Thank you!

Let’s embrace the power of Anki and OpenAI together!

You can find details in my GitHub repo.
Here is the add-on page.
The add-on code is: 547821970