Looking for Anki add-on developers

Hi. I am looking for add-on developers to see if the following add-on ideas would hurt the scheduling of Anki FSRS algorithm.

Anki add-on suggestion: Lapse to Review Ratio : r/Anki (reddit.com)

Anki add-on suggestion: Interchanging Sets of Learning Steps : r/Anki (reddit.com)


If you are looking for another developer’s opinion, perhaps you can ask your question on Anki’s Discord. Advanced Anki users and add-ons developers tend to use Discord.


Thanks for the suggestion. I did so just now.

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This is also a good place. For example, I’m here and not on Discord.
If you want, contact me privately.


This is what I had in mind for the Interchanging Learning Steps add-on. I posted this on the Discord server.

I think the Lapse to Review ratio add-on is a bit more straightforward since it is just an extension of the Leech Toolkit add-on sans arbitrariness coupled with the feature of being able to return leech cards to their original decks and leech flags as well.

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I may be advanced user then :flushed:

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To make this work, I think it is possible to do this by simply moving the decks.
In short, prepare 3 decks and move the card to them.
For now, the function to move the deck when it comes to Leech is already there, so if I separate this part of the source code, it should work.

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Are you working on the add-on right now

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My development has been very successful, so totaling AnkiWeb, Fork, Patreon, I have about 50 add-ons.


Wowy 0_0. This is ginourmous. Have you been working behind the scenes for so long. I thought you were focusing lately on fixing dead add-ons

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Yup, all Anki & add-ons developers use invisibility cloaks, so you and normal people cannot see or recognize our activities.


Hmm. Have you by chance made these 2 add-ons already?

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If you transfer about $3000+ to my bank account, those two will be delivered about tomorrow. If not, those probably will not.:face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Lapse to Review Ratio

Discussion → Suggestion: Lapse to Review Ratio

Interchanging Sets of Learning Steps

  1. The sets of learning steps would be interchanged based on the difficulty of the cards,

  2. The difficulty would be based on the number of lapses on a given day or the number of consecutive times again is pressed in the learning phase of that card. There is an add-on. namely Today again count which already counts the number of consecutive lapses within a day and consecutive again presses

  3. Ideally, there would be a way to calculate the average number of times a lapse in the learning phase of all cards has occurred and the average number of consecutive times the again button is pressed so that this can be used by the user as a reference

  4. This allows for the use of a set with a very minimal amount of learning steps for easier cards (1-2 steps at maximum) which would save a lot of time.

  5. For harder cards (above-set number of consecutive times again is pressed and lapse count within a day), a set with more intense learning steps could be used accordingly. (I do not know how the add-on will change the learning steps specifically for that card without changing the preset so this could be the only problem)

  6. This add-on would work hand-in-hand with the already existing Today Again Count add-on, and the suggested Lapse to Review Ratio add-on.


Is there any add-on that changes learning steps?

This may affect SM-2 and FSRS alike, so I’m not sure if it is a good idea, because this can mess with users reviews algorithm


I think most of the add-ons related to scheduler are broken in V3.

Learning steps within a day was found to be meaningless by Sherlock’s research, so I think there is very little demand for this feature.
It might be a good idea if Leech moved the deck for each difficulty level.

For example,
+ Leech Decks
- Leech
- Difficult leech
- Very difficult leech

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I don’t know if it is possible in Anki. I don’t know the difficulties of this. Regarding how it could affect Anki scheduling, well I have one major concern and it is that learning steps are a part of the entire deck options. So changing the learning steps of the card would change the learning steps of the entire deck.

But this defeats the purpose of the add-on and it is that each card should be individually considered. If this problem is solved in some way, I don’t see why this add on cannot be done.

As for whether it changes Anki for the better or the worse.

Well I have two thoughts:

1- It doesn’t change the scheduling: if the first learning step is same in all the sets

e. g. Set 1: 10m 45m 2h
Set 2: 10m 20m 40m 1h

Both sets, which have 10m as their first step, have ultimately no different effect on the scheduling.

2-It changes the scheduling: but for the better.

Think of it like deck presets. We already could have different deck presets for different decks with different needs and nature of cards. But now instead of the deck, the card is considered individually.

I don’t have that kind of money. I live off under a third of that amount in a month :confused:

In that case, I’m probably the only add-ons developer in the world you can find, so you lucky guy.

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What do you mean by that :sob:?