I want a list of algorithm addons, or scheduler addons?

can anyone, help me, with this,
i want a list of algorithm addons, that means, addons like fsrs4anki , or
scheduler addons.etc to try them

i want to try. and check all algorithm and scheduler related add-ons available in anki…

also, im looking for addons for specific algorithms
particularly * 1, 5, 15, 30, 60 days – algorithm,
mentioned in this site - https-neuracache(dot)com/spaced

At the moment, the only add-on to customize Anki’s algorithm is FSRS4. So there are only two types of algorithms available for Anki.

  • Anki’s default algorithm (SM2, SuperMemo 2 algorithm)
  • FSRS4 (Free Spaced Repetition Schedule)

The algorithms you mentioned (1, 5, 15, 30, 60 days) mean deck options, so no add-ons are needed.
Try to refer to Anking’s video on how to set it up (This setting is for SM2, FSRS4 does not need it).

Another excellent algorithm is SuperMemo’s SM19, but it is not compatible with Anki (All those attempts failed). FSRS4’s performance is similar to this SM17, so it is very popular in the Anki community these days.

GitHub - brownbat/autoEaseFactor: Adjust ease factors in Anki based off of performance in order to hit a target success rate. (1672712021)

Thank Yuu , for all the responses…