I can't see the images on my anki cards

I got ankicards send to me through email from a friend who uses Macbook. I downlowded the file to my HP windows computer and have all the cards. The problem is that I can see all the text and questions but I can’t see the images to the cards, neither in the question- or answer side of the card. I there a solution for this problem and what can I do to see the images?

What kind of file did you get? An apkg file? Has your friend chosen the right export option?


Yes he sent it as an apkg file

Perhaps your friend forgot to turn on the media files. You can try to estimate this by the size of the .apkg

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how do I change the size?

If you got a small file, there are likely no images included. Ask your friend if the images were also exported.

the size of the file is 1 056 261kB

That apkg file is over 1GB?! That would have to include images (and a lot of other stuff, because a deck that size is very unusual …).

It sounds like you’re not seeing the images when you’re studying the cards. What about when you look at the notes/cards in the Browse window? Do they show up in the fields? If not, are they showing up as “broken images” instead, or just nothing? Can you find a field where there should be an image, and look at the HTML view (click < > above the field) to see what’s there?

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this is what I see when I look at the cards in the Browse window. That little thing in the left corner

That’s the “broken image” I was talking about. Check the HTML view next so we can see what it’s trying to show you.

Re-read the previous post. If you don’t give us information, we won’t be able to help you.

this is what it says in english

  1. shrink images
  2. MathJax - preview
  3. close HTML - tags automatically

Click on < > at the right side of the input field and post what you see.

Now go to your collection.media folder in your profile folder (Managing Files - Anki Manual) and look for a file with that name.

Where do I find my profile folder?


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I am so sorry but I don’t know how to get to my file manager

You’re using Windows? It’s “File Explorer” – where you can look at all the files and folders on your computer.

Alternatively, you can use Tools>Check Media, and see if it reports missing images.

What happens if you use File>Switch Profile to create an empty profile, and then import the .apkg into that? Do the images appear there?