Can´t see images

I used anki in the past the old version , it worked fine , today I opened anki and I can not see any images in my ankiweb , in my desktop version and my cell phone either .I don´t know how to fix it .Is there a way to do it?
I checked multimedia information in my anki desktop version ,It showed
missing files: ⁨18934⁩
These information is used in your cardd ,however the multimedia file is not found

Missing: ⁨005afea818450466be2061a94d56bb82dfec8538_A 0.svg⁩

Missing: ⁨005afea818450466be2061a94d56bb82dfec8538_Q 0.svg⁩

What should I do to be able to see images again?

You do not appear to have synced any media files to AnkiWeb in the last ~2 years. If you downloaded them from a shared deck, you may be able to import the shared deck again in a new profile to get the images back.