Images Not Visible on my MacBook, iPhone and iPad Anki app

Hi there,
I have been having this problem of images not being visible on my MacBook, iPhone, and iPad Anki apps. My friend shared a deck, and the IO cards and other cards that have images on them are not visible, just the image icon. Below is the screenshot attached. I have done everything, removed add-ons, and even deleted the Anki app and reinstalled it, but it is still not working. When I checked with the owner of the deck and the other friends, no one had this kind of problem. Please help…!!

Could be (in order of relevance)

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Thank you so much for your reply, but to be honest with you, none of this helps me, because it is not like the problem is with everybody; it’s just on my Anki apps; its not working. All my friends used the same deck shared by my friend, and it’s working fine for them.

The image file associated with the card in your screenshot appears to be in your AnkiWeb account. If you’re still having trouble seeing the images, if you review or edit that card on AnkiWeb, does the image show up there?

No, none of the images are visible. Neither on the App nor on AnkiWeb.

Ok, I see what’s happened. You appear to have hit a bug in the importer that was fixed in 2.1.64. To fix the issue, please ensure you’re on the latest Anki version, and then:

  • Delete the deck (I’m assuming you haven’t started it yet)
  • Use Tools>Check Media and delete the now-unused media files, which are corrupt
  • Import the deck again

After that, you should find the images show up correctly.

Per my very first post, as i said, i have deleted Anki app and downloaded again and reinstalled it, but it did not make a difference, but i never deleted the unsued files. I will do that and will update you.

So, I deleted the unused media as you told me to do and re-imported the deck, and it still does not work.

Did you delete the deck prior to using Check Media? The problematic media files won’t have been removed if the deck still existed.

If you’re sure you deleted the deck first, please try this:

  • File>Switch Profile, and create a new, empty profile
  • Import the deck

Presumably the images show up then? If so, you can manually drag&drop the images from the new profile folder into your old profile. When prompted, please choose to overwrite the old files. You may then need to add or remove one extra file to the media folder for Anki to notice that the files need to be synced again.

Dae, you are a genius, thanks a lot, it worked. I have an exam in two days and i was freaking out, but thank you so much.

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