Future due (still) broken in 2.51

Anki 2.1.51 (cf78a555) Python 3.9.7 Qt 6.2.3 PyQt 6.2.3

has still the issue reported here: forums . ankiweb . net/t/anki-2-1-51-release-candidate / 18942/24

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Could you post me the link to where I can find thar rc2 (the version info does not tell me which rc it is…)?

Look here: Anki 2.1.52 Release Candidate

I was more after apps . ankiweb . net / downloads / beta / ?C=N&O=D

Alas, I found it and that latest rc2 solves my issue.

I have to come back to this. The stats tell
(and if I click on it it shows 60 due cards). But almost none of them is offered for learning

I’m not sure whether this stat is broken or the main menu. I have increased the limit for reviews but still no extra cards are offered for learning.

Your review limit is preventing the due cards from being shown. Increasing the review limit should reveal more cards. Increasing the new limit by itself will not help, as it is bound by the review limit.

I already did that by going from 200 to 300

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