Anki 2.1.52 Release Candidate

Hi all,

Hot on the heels of the 2.1.51 release, a 2.1.52 release candidate is now available:


In the button area at the bottom of the card review screen, there’s now a permanent horizontal scroll bar in light mode. In dark mode there’s also a permanent vertical scroll bar.

Version ⁨2.1.52 (a989e508)⁩
Python 3.9.7 Qt 6.3.0 PyQt 6.3.0
Windows 11 Pro 21H2 (OS build 22000.613)

EDIT: The vertical scroll bar actually appears in light mode as well, but it depends on the size of the window. The horizontal scroll bar is always present, though.


When I try to add a tag with Ctrl+ shift + A and then I press cancel there is a significant delay
I also have the same issue with temlivurki

Is the cancel issue with the qt5 or qt6 build, or both?

I currently have Qt6 build

This also happens for me but it’s independent of dark/light mode.
No scrollbar with pyqt5.

I’m also experiencing an issue with find and replace:

  1. I select a deck in the browser. The issue occurs in both the cards and notes views.

  2. I select all of the displayed notes, which are of the same type. The same field in all of these notes contains a trailing <br> tag.

  3. I choose the Find and Replace option in either the Notes menu or the context menu.

  4. I insert <br> (&lt;br&gt; yields the same result) in the Find field and leave the Replace With field empty. The issue occurs whether the relevant field is specified or not in the In field. Selected notes only and Ignore case are both ticked. Treat input as regular expression is not ticked.


  1. I hit OK. Either one or none of the notes is updated.

No add-ons are activated.
Version ⁨2.1.52 (a989e508)⁩
Python 3.9.7 Qt 6.3.0 PyQt 6.3.0
Windows 11 Pro 21H2 (OS build 22000.613)

<br> may be represented as <br /> on disk. If find&replace works with other text for you, chances are the internal representation is different. You can export to a text file to see how Anki’s storing the text on disk.

Exporting these notes to plain text files doesn’t seem to reveal anything, since the breaks are converted to whitespace. Changing the extension to HTML eliminates the whitespace altogether. Am I perhaps missing something?

I’ve also noticed an interesting discrepancy:

The note with the field shown in the above screenshot appears in search results when searching for <br> and <br />.

The note with this field, however, only appears in search results when searching for <br>, not for <br />.

As you can see in the screenshots, though, the representation of these breaks in the HTML view is always <br>.

Happening in dark mode too. It is annoying for me :frowning:

Hi @dae thank you for all of your work on the Anki desktop client, would it be possible to add the keyboard shortcuts of “command (⌘) +” for zoom in and “command (⌘) -” for zoom out? It is not currently present on the Mac Intel and Mac Apple Silicon QT6 2.1.51 builds.

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That conflicts with the subscript/superscript buttons: View menu by RumovZ · Pull Request #1668 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

When using Zoom, it does not show the percentage it is at (90%, 110%, etc.)

I always have to reset, to make sure it’s at 100%.

Suggestion: Show the current zoom value in the Menu or when zooming, a tooltip with applied value appears.

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Although I have closed this setting, my adhesive is still formatting free

i paste the content of’front’ into the ‘back’.These words in ‘back’ are not red.

I don’t know why, just now I uninstalled and then installed 2.1.49 and then upgraded to 2.1.52,
, i can paste it with the format.
However,yesterday i uninstall and install anki in the same way,i can’t paste with the format.

The setting does the opposite of what you want. Check the box and then try copy-pasting again.

I think @Jerry1 may have said the issue has gone away already. Probably was an issue with internal pastes in 2.1.50 on Windows.

Release candidate 2 is now available:

Feedback/testing of the new apkg import/export code would be appreciated.

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This issue remains unresolved in RC2. I haven’t seen a commit on GitHub to resolve it, so I assume that it hasn’t yet been looked into. This is just a kind reminder.

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@dae, do you perhaps have any suggestions as to what else I might try to find out what’s happening here?

If this issue is unrelated to the 2.1.52 RCs and you think it’s best discussed elsewhere, please feel free to create a new topic from this post.

  1. Is the apkg importing feature supposed to report how many notes were imported so far, as I see here? Or maybe this is only for colpkg imports? I only see the generic “Processing…” label being shown for apkg imports.
  2. Exporting apkg packages, regardless of whether the “Support older Anki versions” is enabled or not, results in unimportable packages in the same Anki in some cases.