Anki 2.1.55 Beta 7 / RC1 / RC2

Hi all,

Beta 7 is now available: Changes in 2.1.55 - Anki Betas

Previous discussion: Anki 2.1.55 Beta 5-6


On the statistics screen, after I change the Zoom, I can’t reset the zoom to the default value, because I don’t have a reference.
It would be nice to have a tooltip showing the current value.

This b7 version is beautiful. Congratulations.


The new beta 7 looks very solid. My audio and tag issues haven’t occurred so far. Thanks to all who contributed.

One issue: The display of the subdecks (pressing the plus sign in the main view) is now delayed. It takes about one or two seconds to show the subdecks.

I got the following idea for a patch release later on: The graph containers already got a slight hover effect, hinting that something might happen on click.

I’d like to show a modal with the currently clicked graph in fullscreen (like an image gallery). Then you wouldn’t need to zoom the entire layout to see details of interest.

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Great to have a new beta! Lots of improvements, I really like it.

Windows10 qt6:
There seems to be some minor regressions of the Change Notetype window UI.
Personally, I think the beta6 design worked very well.
Anyways, in case it might be useful:

  • the arrow and the chevron look a bit misaligned

Using the webview inspector I found this CSS:

span.svelte-111fj0e>svg, span.svelte-111fj0e>img {
    position: absolute;
    width: var(--icon-size);
    height: var(--icon-size);
    top: calc((100% - var(--icon-size)) / 2);
    bottom: calc((100% - var(--icon-size)) / 2);
    left: calc((100% - var(--icon-size)) / 2);
    right: calc((100% - var(--icon-size)) / 2);
    fill: currentColor;
    vertical-align: unset;

Changing the position from absolute to relative seems to improve the appearance


  • in night mode, the Select Field buttons do not look very clickable: the color is very similar to that of the window background and the chevron is barely seeable.

  • Also, both in dark and light mode: on mouseover, the buttons do not change color and the cursor does not change to a pointer. Adding cursor: pointer to .form-select seems to fix the second problem.

  • Imo the Fields’ focus border-color/outline/box-shadow do not match well the rest of the interface (especially in dark mode)

.form-select:focus {
    border-color: #86b7fe;
    outline: 0;
    box-shadow: 0 0 0 0.25rem #0d6efd40;

Disabling the border-color and box-shadow lines gives an appearance more similar to that of beta6.
If you also disable outline: 0, the focused element becomes quite similar to Editor’s focused Fields, even though I am not sure if that is preferable to no outline (I especially dislike the orange outline in light mode)


  • The “source notetype box” is smaller than the source notetype name, and in many cases does not increase its width on window resize; sometimes you cannot read at all what the notetype name is.

I gave a look to the CSS and could not figure out the reason why.
Setting the width to 100% instead of auto seems to improve it a bit?
(Maybe it could also be a good idea to add a title with the full notetype name? If the source notetype name is long, sometimes it still gets cut even if the width is set to 100% and the window is maximized)

  • Also: the change notetype function seems to be bugged for the “default” target notetype.
    I.e. if you want to select the first (as in the alphanumeric order) notetype as your target notetype, you first need to choose another notetype, then go back to the first one.
    If you do not, upon saving, the notetype will not be changed (but Anki will still force a one way sync).

You can notice how the target Fields change differ radically the first and the second time the 4000EW notetype is selected (the first time the displayed target fields are just the same as the source notetype)


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I’m struggling to notice much of a difference here, which makes tracking it down tricky. How about you @kleinerpirat?

I’m not seeing any duplicates here. Does the delay to start only happen on the first audio, or does it happen every time a card tries to play sound?

It was prettier, but the cause of some of the issues you were reporting, so they’ve been undone for now to fix the bugs.

Which of your notetypes should I try to reproduce the crash with?

add-ons dialog default width too low

I tested in linux.
I deleted my ~/.local/share/Anki2 folder.
I ran qt6/beta7

Then I went to the add-on window. The default size of this window was to narrow so that longer texts in the buttons on the right were hidden in part: Instead of “View Add-on Page” and “Toggle Enabled” I just saw “w Add-on Pa” and “oggle Enable”. This can be fixed by adjusting the window width. I think the default width should be changed.

I also tested with 2.1.49 after having deleted my Anki2 folder. All the texts in the buttons on the right side of the Add-ons dialog were fully readable.

A 2.1.55 release candidate is now available:

Summary of changes since 2.1.54:

@jcznk I couldn’t reproduce the crashes. I suspect it’s a driver issue - maybe forcing software mode will help. Display Issues - Anki Manual


There is some error in alternating “New card gather order” and “New sort order”
Note that when selecting “Random cards” below the blue band shows “random”, but the text does not.



I cannot reproduce this, sadly…

Could you take a look at the console logs with AnkiWebView Inspector and see if there’s any error messages?

The “description” button doesn’t work on filtered decks. When clicked, nothing happens.

This is on the QT6 version for macOS on apple silicone. The other buttons work.

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Good catch! This is actually wanted behavior and seems to have always been like that. The following lines of code prevent the description dialog from opening if the deck is filtered:

That’s because a filtered deck may consist of cards from different decks, so editing the description doesn’t make sense.

Of course, it’s nonsensical to provide a button that doesn’t do anything, so I pushed a PR that hides the description button for filtered decks.



Found out, it’s some change between b7 and rc1 version.
Note that in version b7 these options are disabled.

In RC1 version

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When add new card, the app screen render is not stable, constantly flashing.
My device: MacBook Air M1
Anki version: 2.1.55 RC1
BUT IN 2.1.54, it works normally.

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Please, test without add-ons activated.

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RTL issue on first run not resolved. It seems that there was a regression from the previous beta where some things were resolved.

In the main bar, the arrow cursor appears instead of the hand cursor.

Those who are not experienced in the software, will not be able to guess that there is actually a button here…

After a long time it changes to the hand button, but for a very limited time

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This is a Qt issue, which we can’t do much about other than wait, unfortunately: Webview cursor not changing type (or changing unreliably) since Qt 6.4.0 update · Issue #2168 · ankitects/anki · GitHub