Phantom Overdue Reviews?

I’m having a problem which looks a lot like this bug, but I thought this was fixed some time ago.

I’m currently running 2.1.60.

I have a lot (~160) of cards in the “Future Due” graph far back in the past, but there aren’t really any reviews due for them. If I click the bar it brings me to the browser and doesn’t show any cards.

Has this bug been fixed already? How do I get it to be fixed in my deck?

Link for reference: Anki 2.1.52 qt6 stats bug (Future due - Backlog)

If you sync with AnkiWeb, please let me know your ID privately ( so I can investigate.

Thanks Damien! It wasn’t obvious to me how I can share my ID privately with you. There weren’t any DM links on your profile that I could find. Do you intend for me to use tenderapp to send that information? I’ve never used it before - do I need to create a new account there?

Yes, you can use tenderapp to send a message that only I will see. You don’t need to create an account.

Thanks, I was able to test with your collection. The issue is the prop:due queries currently don’t work when you use them on a filtered deck. If you search in your original deck that your filtered deck is pulling cards from, you should find the overdue reviews.

Thanks! I wasn’t completely sure what you meant, so I just deleted my filtered decks - and then a whole lot of very old reviews popped into my study deck! So I’m glad I’m reviewing these now as I had a lot of catching up to do.

But what’s the correct way to use filtered decks then? I sometimes want to target certain cards, but I also want to ensure those cards are reviewed on time in my regular study deck as well. Do I have to delete my filtered deck after I use it to make sure the cards get reviewed in my regular study deck?

If you want the cards returned to the original deck, you either need to study the filtered deck to completion, or empty/delete it when you’re done studying.

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