[Bug] Anki ⁨23.12.1 (Desktop & iOS) Future Due Backlog shows phantom cards

After updating Anki to 23.12.1, I suddenly have 2 phantom cards buried deep in my backlog. The issue is present on both the desktop and iOS clients, both after recently updating. I don’t know what version I was on prior, but it was at least 2.1.66 as I did a clean install of Windows back in October.

If I search for them using is:due, prop:due<=-1, etc. they don’t show up. For what it is worth, the cards are positioned around when I started using Anki.

Other than updating, I recently created a filter deck which suspiciously also has 2 cards. I have it set to only contain is:new cards, and they were new when added, but I have reviewed them so they should be in the “learning phase.” I’m not sure if them still being in the filter deck is expected or potentially related.

This is tracked on original_due is reset when card answered in filtered deck · Issue #2938 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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