Overwhelming amount of available cards in deck


Recently I haven’t been able to review my decks on Anki, simply because I haven’t had the time. As a result of this, all of my decks have over 200 available cards to review, which for me is a bit overwhelming. Is there a way I can restore the decks to a point in time when there was a plausible amount of available cards (around 20-30 cards), without removing any of the cards and keeping the intervalls between them?

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i don’t think that’s possible.
but here’s another way to catch up on your reviews:


Just Due filter with: “is:due prop:due>-7”

Over Due filter with: “is:due prop:due<=-7”

The Just Due deck will then contain cards that became due in the past
week. That’s the deck you should study every day as it gets the cards
that become due regularly. With this you can study as if there wasn’t
any backlog.

The Over Due deck will contain your backlog, cards which you didn’t
study in time. You can study them the same way you would study new
cards. They go back into the regular cards, so the number of overdue
will never grow as long as you keep your Just Due deck in check.

How long it takes depends on how many overdue cards you study each day
in addition to the ones that become due regularly. You can still motor
through them when you feel like it - or you can do a specific number per
day like you would for new cards. Up to you.


Create 2 filtered decks[1] one using "is:due prop:due>-7" as filter and name it Just Due
the other one using "is:due prop:due<=-7" as filter and name it Over Due
study Just Due deck everyday as normal reviews
study Over Due deck as if they’re new cards

[1] How to create a filtered deck: press F anywhere in anki and set the filter


prop:ivl<# is another option worth mentioning here (esp. for really large workloads), as it allows focusing on the weakest cards one is most likely to forget. For instance, prop:ivl<21 will exclude the mature cards.

That, and it’s worth to invert the entire query so as to move the temporary ignored cards into the filtered deck rather than those to still be reviewed. Reason being that during review, cards in filtered decks aren’t randomized like those from one’s actual decks.