Anki won’t allow me to study my cards

I’ve been using anki for a while and have had no issues. However, today I came across a bug. I’ve made 200-500 new cards this week and I can view them in the “brows decks” but they are not appearing as actual cards which I can study. It’s not to do with car limits a day as I’ve set it to 9999. What would you guys think the issue might be?

Are you getting no cards to review at all, or are you getting other cards to review?

If you are see other cards to review instead of your recently created cards, maybe you have a backlog of overdue cards, so you are getting those first.

In the Browse window, when you search for prop:due<0 , do you see any results? If so, you have a backlog.

Also, are you sure that you created the cards in the right deck? Maybe you accidentally put them in a different deck.

If the Review sort order in deck options is by “Due date” or “Relative overdueness” or something similar, then you won’t see your newly created cards until you finish with the backlog.

It’s not back log as I have 0 cards due.

Fix ID (hidden) is what some of the cards are saying

Please follow the steps on Troubleshooting - Anki Manual

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