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Forget versus Again

What is the difference between using the Forget menu item in the browser and answering Again when reviewing a card?

I couldn’t find an entry about the Forget menu item in the manual.

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Forget puts the card back in the New queue, and resets its ease.

@missy-davies this’d be good to add to the manual if you’re interested


Sounds great, I’m on it! I’ll add that next.


I experimented with Forget.

I notice that “Lapses” is not reset to zero in browser. Should it be ?


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It moves the card back to the new queue without erasing its history, so keeping the lapse count is consistent with that.

It seems that forget does not truly make the card become new again in these two respects:

  1. The learning steps applied to the “forgotten” card do not follow the study options of their deck.
  2. The ease factor is reset to 250% without considering either the previous ease factor or the starting ease factor of the deck.

(Note that for testing purposes, I tested by studying directly in the deck rather than a parent deck to avoid possible confusion of multiple deck study options.)

I first observed this with iOS beta 2.0.75 (20075.5), but before I reported it as a beta issue, I tested with desktop version Mac 2.1.44 and found the same behavior. Is this intentional? The changing of the ease factor is particularly hard to work around, as in this particular deck I have designed a study routine around a much lower ease factor.

Whether this is intentional or a bug, for the present, if I want to reset the ease factor to its starting value from the deck options rather than 250%, is the easiest workaround to just delete the note (here a one-card note) and just recreate it again?

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IIRC the learning steps are assigned when a new card is answered and moved to the learning queue, so #1 sounds strange. Can you provide a repro case?

@cyphar if you’re still planning on "Set Due Date" doesn't obey default ease factor, it would be good to address this for the forget case as well

I’m glad you referenced that issue about “Set Due Date,” because I did use that in this case, and now I believe it is the sole cause of both of the issues I raised. In fact, I was able to “forget” the card where I first saw the problem, and it fixed both the learning steps and the ease factor. So I conclude the problem was not with the forget functionality but set due date.

I’m still not following point #1. Could you please provide the minimum steps required to reproduce the problem?