"Set Due Date" doesn't obey default ease factor

If you use the “Set Due Date” tool on a card in the browser, it will have its ease reset to 250% rather than using the default ease factor specified in the deck options. I’m not sure if this is a regression or not, but I only just noticed it in Anki 2.1.43.


It’s using a constant value instead of looking it up in the deck config. The deck config is not cached, so you’d probably want to gather the required configs up front in reviews.rs to do it efficiently.

Alright, I’ll try to cook up a patch for this sometime later this week.

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I completely forgot about this. I’ll try to prep something this weekend.

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One follow up question @dae – what should happen for filtered cards? Should I return some kind of error or is that situation not possible?

schedule_as_review() removes them from a filtered deck before it performs the action, so if you’re gathering the configs up front, you’d just need to preferentially use original_deck_id if it’s non-zero

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scheduler: use deck config's initial ease in set_due_date by cyphar · Pull Request #1295 · ankitects/anki · GitHub is my draft of a PR for this.

EDIT: And it’s been merged.

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