Copycat Importer (AnkiApp/AnkiPro)

Will look into the issue soon this week.

as I mentioned before, I added the “HERE” tag beforehand

You have to add your actual login token instead of “HERE”.

Thank you so much, it worked out! apologies for being a bit silly by not reading your instructions properly.

Thank you for this. I have the add on but I don’t even understand where to import the files from. It doesn’t let me just say AnkiApp and the file or deck name. I did “export” one of my decks from AnkiApp. It exported as a zip and when I expanded it, format was XML text. I avoided Anki a couple of years ago when I started as I find it very confusing. It’s powerful, but as a result also very complicated and I’m not that technically knowledgeable. I’ve read thru the other posts here but really don’t understand how people are getting their files imported to Anki from AnkiApp…Any help appreciated.

Did you try Tools > Copycat Importer > Import from AnkiApp to import it?

I recommend trying to export your decks as XML as described in the add-on’s page for now. It’ll take me longer than anticipated to look into the issue.

I really don’t get how to get the decks from AnkiApp as XML, I don’t have an export button on AnkiApp, even greyed out.
Thanks for your help !

Hmm weird. Not sure whether there’s a another way to export as XML but will keep that in mind.